How I Work.

The better I understand your project, your goals, your business strategy and your target audience, the better the results will be – period. The most important stage in any project occurs before the first word is written or the first image created – when we’re working together to ensure that I have a complete understanding of who you are, what you want to achieve, and how you want to get there. Optimally, we’ll begin with an in-depth, in-person consultation to create a shared understanding of the scope, methodology and objectives.

Throughout the course of work, I’ll hope to keep you engaged at every stage of your project. I’ll be wanting clarifications and answers to questions; you’ll want to monitor your project’s status and direction.¬†We’ll have a shared interest in seeing that both expectations and project benchmarks are met, to optimizing the quality of the end product, and maximizing its value to your business. By collaborating closely when appropriate, by remaining accessible, and keeping lines of communication open, we maintain project integrity – and deliver optimal results.